Fabulous Birthday Catering Ideas For Parents And Kids


Catering services are popular in Australia due to their standardization of food qualities. The catering in Sydney is famous primarily due to its unique menu design for birthdays.

Parents always prioritize their children’s happiness as the topmost priority. They always want things that are best for the betterment of their children. From clothing to food, parents wish to maintain both taste and nutrition of the food.

Parents are extra careful in ensuring happiness on occasion birthdays. The catering service should give out a fun and unique vibe for something as fun as a birthday. There are unique themes in catering services available to make the birthday memorable. Without any further discussion, it is time to look at unique catering ideas that will work for parents and kids at the birthday party.

birthday catering ideas

Unique Catering Ideas For Birthday Parties:

  • The Cake Show:

Other than the main birthday cake, why not include some different flavors for the guests to give the birthday party a sweet look? Add in chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, and carrot cake; if that does not satisfy you, add in some mini cakes and cupcakes. If your kid is a barbie fan, then go ahead and put all the cake decorations in barbie inspired look. Revive your childhood nostalgia and put in Disney theme on the cake. Ensure the catering services include all cake flavors besides the foods you will be ordering.

  • Floral Ice Bucket Service:

Never heard of this catering service? Although used at many parties, it will be the best catering service for the kid’s birthday party. The floral ice bucket is where different flowers are poured into a bucket with cold water. After that, the bucket is frozen for the water to turn into ice. After some time, when you take out the ice, it will look like a crystal bowl with flowers embedded in it. The size of the bowl could be small or medium sized. Use that bowl to serve ice cream to the guests. This option is provided by the catering service, giving a unique look to your kid’s birthday.

  • Mini Pails:

This is another unique theme the catering services provide, especially for the kid’s party. A customized wall can be prepared where the mini pails will be hung, and the mini appetizers will be put on these pails. This will look extra cute during the parties, and the kids will find it fun and convenient to pick the pail out and eat the appetizers there.

  • Sweet And Sour Lollipops:

Candy lollipops are not the only talk of the birthday party, and the mini shaped chicken lollipops can be used as cute food decoration by the catering services. Put various of these savory lollipops in a shell to give them an authentic but bright look.


Tasty appetizers like canapes and colorful mocktail drinks can be some of the unique catering ideas for the kid’s birthday party. As long as the food hygiene is maintained, there will be no problem in making the birthday a bit food worthy for your little ones.


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