The Value Of Arcade Games For Kids’ Development


There was a time when PC or virtual reality games were not in existence, but still, children used to live a healthy life with a better understanding of simple life. The children used to play with their friends, attend school, complete homework, and still would have some time to do something interesting. That “interesting” thing that the children used to do was arcade gaming. A game that the kids happily used to play in any gaming zone nearby with their friends. The Sydney arcade machines were famous among the 70s to 90s kids for their unique games and controls. It got them inside a different world where they were the superheroes or fighters who used to save the world. Sometimes they would become Mario to save his girlfriend from a dangerous ape. From Pac-Man to King of Fighters, every arcade game provided a separate peace to the children in exchange for a few coins.

Many parents think any game played for an extended period will hamper their child’s brain development. It is true because staying in front of the computer playing something that can cause harm to the children is something a parent must be aware of.

Value of arcade games

Arcade Gaming And Child Development:

Research has shown that arcade games are perfect for children’s health. Parents got the right to choose elements that will support their children, be it education or sports. Arcade games require multi-tasking, and if the children learn to play them effectively, it will positively impact their brains. Without further ado, it is time to understand the benefits of arcade gaming for children’s development.

Developmental Benefits Of Playing Arcade Games:

  • Improved Cognitive Functions:

As mentioned before, one of the elements of arcade gaming is that the game requires multitasking. This means the player must concentrate on the game while simultaneously moving the game controls. This way, the player can make strategic decisions towards the game. This can also be utilized in real time as well. The decision making ability develops with age, but playing games will activate the process, and the kids will be able to adapt quickly.

  • Faster Coordination:

The multi controller joysticks in the machine are very difficult to handle and need continuous practice. Proper hand to eye coordination and muscle memory are required to win an arcade game. If this gaming moderation is continued, the children will have cognitive flexibility in the long run.

  • Decrease Stress Level:

Childhood means the combination of both fun and study times. Fun times are okay; however, excess study or test preparations might hamper the child’s cognitive functions. Sometimes playing arcade games with friends will help them relax to prepare for a new day.


Sometimes games do end up benefiting a child’s cognitive development. If the right choice of games is taken, the children will never have to be depressed due to games played on mobile.


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