What is the Baby Boomers Generation?

Born in record numbers in the period of social and economic optimism after WWII, the baby boomers generation was bound to have significant impact from their sheer numbers alone. They grew up at a time when families and culture in America were undergoing changes and were shaped by their times.
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Does the Age Of Baby Boomers matter?

The age of baby boomers has included massive changes in both the social structure and in the development of science and technology. Baby boomers have experienced radical alterations in human rights and in the necessity for protecting the environment. For some of this largest generation, the world has changed from one in which radio was […]

What is the Age Of The Baby Boomers?

The age of the baby boomers occupies a span of nearly 20 years. This generation includes individuals in their mid to late 40’s who are still climbing the corporate and occupational ladders who may have small children. Those in their 50’s usually have reached a high water mark in their professions but may face the […]

What Age Baby Boomers?

Since 1946 the United States and indeed most of the free world has been living in the age of baby boomers. With the peace and prosperity that followed the end of World War II, many people felt comfortable with starting or increasing families. This dramatic increase in the birth rate continued until 1964 and then […]

What is the Gen X Radio?

Gen X radio has transformed from the AM/FM standard of the baby boomers to the domination of FM radio for music to the growing popularity of satellite radio among this generation. Gen X also prefers different music from that of their parents, liking rock and roll, but embracing heavy metal, hip-hop, and rap.

There are unique […]

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