Restoring natural beauty for your hardwood floor

Any house can be made glamorous and stunning by a hardwood flooring and unfinished floors sanding can do the job for you. Instead of installing prefinished floors that are hard to refinish and repair, you may as well use an unfinished floor which gives you more design options and a wider selection of wood species. Unlike prefinished floors that are already sanded and coated in the factory, unfinished floors are basically bare wood that is cut into boards to be installed as a flooring system.

Unfinished floors sanding takes care of sanding, coating and staining your unfinished floors. Unfinished floors are very smooth and offers floor leveling compound for wood subfloors and flatter surface even if your subfloor is uneven because they are sanded on site. All staining, sanding and coating are done during installation. Because of this, you get to choose which stain is to be used for your hardwood floor, not only those offered by the manufacturer.

Prefinished floors do have their advantages too. Prefinished floors are known for their durability due to their factory finish that gives them a protective coating. But because of this factory coating, it makes it very hard or even impossible to repair a prefinished floor. Before you can actually reach the raw board by sanding, you have already sacrificed a fair amount of layers to waste. It is also hard to find an exact match for a prefinished floor if in case you need to replace the whole board.

Since unfinished floors are basically raw wood boards, they can be harder to install as they still require sanding and staining. Unfinished floors sanding makes the job easier for you. Only wood experts will install the unfinished floors for you so they know exactly what to do and know the process of installation by heart. You can expect a clean, beautifully finished hardwood floor when the job is done.

When it comes to refinishing, it is easier to refinish an unfinished floor as you can sand and refinish the section that has been damaged. With prefinished floors, you have to change the entire section or have your entire floor stained. This can be very costly and is also not practical.

Before you decide to have your hardwood floor refinished, you must decide on how you want your floor to look like afterwards. Contact your floor refinishing company and discuss the stain color that you want and what they have available. You should also know what finish you like. Visit the website of hardwood floors sanding easiklip and check their available finishes to give you an idea of how their job looks like.