What is the Y Gen?

Y Gen is just one of the names for those born during the last two decades of the 20th century. This large generation is also called Generation Y, Gen Y, the echo boomers, and the millennials. Computers and mobile phones are everyday parts of the Y Gen lifestyle and they use them for school, work, and even socializing.

Y Gen is just one of the nicknames for the group of individuals who were born during the last two decades of the twentieth century. Among the terms they are known as are also Gen Y, Generation Y, the echo boomers and the millennials. Many of them prefer the term millenials, a term coined by members of their own generation, as it sets them apart from Generation X and indicates that the 21st century and its technology is their destiny and their world.

No prior generation has been as completely “plugged in” as this Y Gen. As they reach college more than 90% of them own a computer of their own and a cell phone. Indeed, many of them see no reason to have a traditional land line phone at all and use mobile phones exclusively, often starting as young children. They take being connected and reachable wherever they are 24 hours a day as routine.

So, who pays attention to the Y Gen?

The Y Gen has grown up with the computer as much a norm as owning a television was for the baby boomers who were their parents or grandparents. They did their homework on computers and used them daily in school, often beginning as preschoolers. Most do not even remember a world without an easily accessible internet. While previous generations mostly started research for an assignment by opening the Encyclopedia Britannica, those of the Y Gen usually first think of logging on to Wikipedia.

The computer and the internet as well as the widespread use of cellular phones has even altered the social live of the Y Gen. Generation Y’ers are likely to “meet” friends on the social media websites and most have accounts on Face Book, My Space, and/or Twitter. Many in generation X and the baby boomers use these sites as well as a means to connect with their children and grandchildren rather than the “old fashioned” method of making phone calls. Many in the Y Gen are more likely to text messages than to make voice calls on their phones.

The Y Generation will need their expertise in computers and technology to succeed in the 21st century workplace. Most jobs will involve the use of computers to some extent and the internet has become the most common place to perform a job search, create a resume, and network with others to achieve career goals.

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