What Age Baby Boomers?

Since 1946 the United States and indeed most of the free world has been living in the age of baby boomers. With the peace and prosperity that followed the end of World War II, many people felt comfortable with starting or increasing families. This dramatic increase in the birth rate continued until 1964 and then began to decline with the next age of Generation X entering the scene.

Those of the age of baby boomers came into families that had changed from those of their parents. Higher education was more likely for parents as many returning servicemen and women took advantage of the G.I. Bill to pay for college. Baby boomers were more likely to have mothers who either had worked or were working since so many women had entered the workforce with a large proportion of men away at war.

So, what Age Baby Boomers?

The age of baby boomers also saw many changes in the overall culture and in technology. The civil rights movement became prominent during the 50’s and 60’s and boomers were influenced by charismatic leaders such as the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. The 60’s also saw the rise of the feminist movement striving for equal pay and equal opportunity for women.

Scientific breakthroughs that had been considered science fiction for their parents’ generation became science fact for baby boomers. Satellites were placed into orbit and became essential to everyday communications. Manned space travel became a reality and human beings walked on the face of the moon. Television rather than radio became the main means of both entertainment and news dissemination and this impacted politics as well as leisure enjoyment.

Medical breakthroughs included the widespread use of vaccines that ended the scourge of smallpox all over the world and polio was largely put under control as well. Most of what had been called the “usual childhood diseases” have become anything but usual in the age of baby boomers. Organ transplants are no longer rare, blocked arteries in the heart can be repaired or bypassed, many cancers are curable, and surgeries once considered impossible are now routine. Even “test tube babies” became a reality with the birth of in vitro fertilization.

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