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The plasma car is a newer model of ride on car available for children today. While you can’t really call it a kid’s ride on electric car since it doesn’t require batteries or any other energy source, you also can’t classify it with pedal cars since there is not any peddling involved either. The unique design of the plasma car has earned it it’s very own category.

Plasma cars are a new addition to the ride on car market that some people might be inclined to group with the ride on pedal car competition since they run on kid power. They don’t require peddling though and gather their energy through different physics laws like centrifugal force and inertia, the idea that an object in motion will stay in motion until another force causes it to stop.

While it might sound complicated, the idea behind the plasma toy cars is quite simple. The plasma car operates off your child’s natural motions which allows them to exercise and burn up energy without even realizing it.

What’s great about the plasma car, aside from the fact that it gives your kids a secret workout, is that it won’t exercise your wallet at the same time. These unique ride on cars are incredibly affordable and are generally priced at under $75 which makes them excellent for families who are on a budget. They are made of durable and sturdy plastic that can hold up to 220 pounds of weight as well so the chances of damaging your plasma car and having to replace it are incredibly slim so long as you use it properly.

Plasma toy cars currently only come in one style since the design of the machine is so important to its functionality, but they are offered in a wide variety of colors to make up for it. You can find a plasma car in all the primary colors as well as purple, pink and green so you are sure to find one that is well suited to the tastes of your kids. Keep in mind though that the plasma car is safe for adult use as well since it can hold over 200 pounds of weight on smooth surfaces, so you might actually want to invest in one for yourself as well as your kids so that you can make a family event out of using them.

A plasma car is a great gift for any child who enjoys ride on pedal car toys or just being active and in motion in general. Their great affordability and the fact that they offer a sneaky workout for users makes them a great gift for kids and adults alike which is something that you can’t really say about other ride on vehicles or pedal cars. Picking up a plasma car or a whole set of plasma cars for your family is a great purchase that you will all be able enjoy for years on end.

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